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Monika's Personal Life

Monika Bacardi (pinterest) spends some of her time at film galas, award ceremonies and good-cause events because of her position as a humanitarian and well-known status in the arts sector. She occupies a lot of her spare time assisting the causes and charitable entities that tend to be close to her heart. A deep awareness of green and social concerns in her life are things that Monika Bacardi likes to make known.

Contributor to Associative, Cinematic and Cultural Movements/Associations

"Fondation AVEC", "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association) and the Monaco Red Cross are just some of the many charities that she helps, along with carrying out oceanographic studies and becoming engaged in countless other philanthropic pursuits. Monika Bacardi is fluent in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish and is respected as one of the key businesswomen in the Arts arena today. A major personality in the contemporary cinematic world, both in the States and throughout the EU, "Lady of Bayfield Hall", Ms. Bacardi (or, actually, Lady Bacardi) is also referred to as "The Queen of Charity". Monika Bacardi is a high-profile, well-known individual who, despite living in Monaco, also spends a lot of time in other parts of the EU and in the USA.

Seventh Art and Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

"The Seventh Art" (Cinema) is one of her passions. This, along with wanting to encourage young filmmakers, is one of the justifications for her creating AMBI Pictures. To establish partnerships with regards to the arts in Monaco, Monika Bacardi supports the University of Plastic Arts through the Monaco Project for the Arts. Amis de l'Opera, a group that is eagerly supported by Monika Bacardi, has for 30 years, helped l'Opera de Monte Carlo. AMBI Pictures endeavors to make films for a worldwide audience, helping to increase the presence of the art form globally.

Monika Bacardi & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is something for which (and alongside with) Monika Bacardi has been involved in a number of projects. She heightens consciousness of the effect of people's activities on the natural environment via the foundation. Monika Bacardi is a great believer in the encouragement of green practices and this is one of the primary reasons that she assists the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation.