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Health benefits
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Assisting numerous community beneficent entities, she helps in raising funds to support causes linked to social issues that are of special interest to her. Fondation AVEC, Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research and Ecoute Cancer Réconfort are some of the cancer-related charitable organisations that Monika Bacardi (lordluisbacardi.com) is very supportive of. Association Nationale Monégasque des Amis de l'Enfance (AMADE-Monaco), is an entity through which Monika Bacardi encourages the happiness of children.

Art and 7th Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

Contemporary art and photography are a few of Monika Bacardi's passions; she enjoys the works of many artists and photographers. Cinema is an art form that can offer a chance to deliver a wide variety of messages to diverse audiences: this is what she is convinced about. She holds the opinion that cinema can transform the world. Amis de l'Opera, a group that is eagerly backed by Monika Bacardi, has assisted l'Opera de Monte Carlo for more than 30 years.

Enthusiastic Contributor to Associative, Cinematic and Cultural Movements/Associations

In the year 2005, Monika Bacardi's husband passed away. He had been head of the Bacardi business for 40 years. Subsequently, she has proved to have an impressive business talent. Born in Italy, the "Lady of Bayfield Hall" (more often known as Lady Bacardi, or just Monika Bacardi or, more recently, "The Queen of Charity") has become quite a personality in modern cinematic circles throughout Europe and America. Having set up AMBI Pictures, she and Andrea Iervolino have now created an excellent list of films for the global marketplace.

Her Professional Activities

Co-owner and producer of the AMBI Group, Monika Bacardi attempts to fund, produce and deliver movies to an international market. To be a principal provider of mainstream films for production houses and major distributors around the planet is the goal of the AMBI Group. Between eight and ten films are distributed each year, covering anything from in-house to third party productions. Monika Bacardi achieves this by means of the AMBI Group.

A wide range of projects that have helped the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation have been participated in by Monika Bacardi. Through the foundation, Lady Bacardi raises consciousness of the effect of people's pursuits on the natural environment. Working to defend the natural environment and encouraging maintainable advancement worldwide are things that the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation endeavors to address. The Principality of Monaco's cultural and humanitarian issues are things that Monika Bacardi is greatly involved in. She is an active supporter of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation.

Monika Bacardi - Biography and Interests

A deep passion for philanthropy and art led to her desire to learn about arts and literature in her country of origin, Italy. Monika Bacardi is involved in many non-profit organisations and charitable organisations, owing to her ambition to help others. Monika Bacardi lives in Monaco these days; she has been a resident there for more than twenty years.