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Projects related to Conserving Culture

In 2006, charles rosier (Visitez la page dooid de Charles Rosier) promoted a Silver Lion-winning film just before its production release, and he helped a French musician with her debut album in 2012. He has always had a love for music and singing. He also loves to watch movies and that is why he admires French culture so much. In 2006, Charles Rosier voluntarily supported a film created by a popular Italian screenwriter and director, which won a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival.

Charles Rosier and His Work Experiences

Charles Rosier worked in the role of Debt Capital Manager at SBC Warburg from 1997 to 2009. He also worked at Lehman Brothers where he started his career as an investment banker. At BTG Pactual, Charles Rosier imposed five major principles. (Meritocracy and Partnership, World-Class Governance, Client Focus, Global Thinking Presence and Long Term View). A leading investment bank that runs around the world is GMS (Goldman Sachs). He focused on public-asset management as their Managing Director.

Charles Rosier on Promoting Environmental Awareness

Charles Rosier gave his support to Luci MPOWERD, being the best source of clean and renewable-energy. Charles Rosier helped the company to make innovative solutions. Innoveox supports the campaign to develop a pollution-free environment by managing several environmental awareness projects to minimise the level of carbon dioxide emissions. Charles Rosier is a partner at Innoveox, a French company working on fostering a friendly and pollution-free atmosphere. Economical LED lanterns is a project of MPOWERD. These are being sent to poor countries to provide them with cost-effective energy solutions.

The drug project Charles Rosier financed was for the treatment of stroke known to cause spinal cord problems. Professor Etienne Baulieu led Mapreg, a pharmacological organisation that was supported by Charles Rosier when he began his healthcare projects. He also invested capital in the laboratory of Mapreg, located in Paris, to continue performing research about serious conditions including depression and stroke. Baulieu and his colleagues were developing a new drug, however they needed more funds to develop such a drug... so he invested in them.